Touch is a very powerful sense for humans, since birth we crave touch, especially a loving and affectionate touch. With couples leading busy lives, touch becomes less of a priority and only seems to occur with sexual situations.

Massage is a great way to reintroduce touch and help couples to deepen their love and affection for one another. Massage can be healing as well as help rekindle the passion you have for each other.

Problem is, most people are not able to massage for any length of time due to fatigue and lack of knowledge.

At The Touch Workshop, Founder and 5 star senior licensed massage therapist Aaron Rodriguez, teaches you techniques that are simple yet effective at delivering therapeutic massage for your loved one without hurting yourself or your partner.

What to expect

Each workshop will focus on Touch as it is a very powerful tool that if used correctly can strengthen the bond between the couple. Each partner will learn a 30 minute routine and get personal attention as class sizes are small. Decadent spread of chocolate, champagne and wine will be provided to set a relaxing mood.

What to bring

Two beach sized towels that are friendly to oil. Comfortable clothing, suggestions for women are string bikini with a sarong or lose summer dress over, for men shorts and t shirt.

Take the touch test

Count in a day how many times you touch your partner, do not count a hello kiss and goodbye unless that is the only contact. If that number can be counted on one hand, make an appointment to the Touch Workshop today.